Because You Are More Than a Beautiful Smile

Intelligent Dentistry.


Cleaning and Prevention

Dentistry is founded on the principle of prevention. All patients are recommended biannual cleanings and examinations. Not only do they help you squash dental problems before they arise, they leave your gums healthier, and your teeth cleaner and whiter. A professional cleaning removes hard plaque that cannot be removed by brushing and flossing alone. It also involves a fluoride treatment and polish to help protect and soothe your teeth and gums. Even if you haven’t had a cleaning in over two years, it’s never too late to treat your teeth.

Cosmetic Treatment

In addition to whitening and straightening your teeth, there are other solutions for improving the appearance of your smile. Our dentists have non-invasive methods that can alter the shape, color, and appearance of your teeth.

Emergency Care

Sometimes life events happen and you may need urgent care. We are a team of doctors that make ourselves available outside of regular business hours.

Fillings and Restorations

If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, our dentists can help you choose the best solution. We can customize the color of any restoration to match your natural teeth.


A dental implant mimics the form and function of a natural tooth. It can be a great solution if you have lost a permanent tooth.

Invisible Alignment


There are various ways to correct crooked or crowded teeth without the use of traditional braces. Another technique works by way of placing, in sequence, clear plastic retainers over your teeth. Each varies in shape and is customized to your bite. Whether you are an adult or a teen, our orthodontist will help you decide which method is best for you.

Night and Snore Guards

Excessive jaw clenching can accelerate tooth and jaw deterioration. Meanwhile, snoring can impact the quality of your own sleep and that of those around you. To help our patients most comfortably avoid this, we customize snore and night guards to their bite. One type of night guard acts as a cushion between the top and bottom dental arches while the other creates more space between the front teeth to prevent the top and lower jaw from touching. Snore prevention mouth pieces look similar, but instead of acting as a cushion or spacer, they keep the lower jaw forward, thereby preventing pressure on the larynx.

Periodontal Maintenance


Among the causes for periodontal (gum) disease are genetic susceptibility, smoking, and other illnesses like diabetes. Periodontal maintenance involves removing plaque and tartar from above and below the gum line. Most gum diseases are preventable with proper oral hygiene. However, what can start out as gingivitis (inflamed or bleeding gums) can quickly turn into periodontitis. In such cases, gums pull away from the tooth to create “pockets,” thereby exposing a dental root to infection. It can also lead to prolonged bad breath, loose teeth, painful chewing and other complications.